Appointment of Michel Desgagné: President and CEO

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Montréal,  Canada, June 17, 2021 – Logibec Inc., a leader in the development and implementation of technological ecosystems for the healthcare network is announcing the appointment of Michel Desgagné as President and CEO. He succeeds Marc Brunet who had held the position since 2010.

Placing client centricity and operational excellence at the heart of Logibec’s growth

Since his arrival at Logibec as Chief Operating Officer in early 2021, Michel Desgagné has led several key work streams aimed at improving organizational structure and client focus. Michel Desgagné has accumulated over 25 years of experience building world-class teams and accelerating growth for global organizations in fast-paced environments, most notably in the healthcare IT sector. More recently, he held executive Operations positions at Intelerad Medical Systems and Genetec. Michel Desgagné graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal with a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Applied Sciences. He also holds an MBA from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business.

“First, we would like to thank Marc Brunet for his important contribution to Logibec in the last 17 years, including his 10-year tenure as CEO, during which he led the business to maturity, which will prove essential to the next phase of its development. Michel Desgagné’s client-centric approach, his international experience and deep knowledge of the industry are key factors that make him the ideal person to step in at this time and help Logibec reach its growth objectives,” explained Éric Desrosiers, Chairman of the Board of Logibec.

“I am very proud to see how far our team has come. I was fortunate to work with brilliant, dedicated people to improve information systems for healthcare facilities. I am confident that Michel Desgagné’s leadership and vision will allow Logibec to continue broadening its reach, here and in new markets.” - Marc Brunet.

“I trust in Logibec’s tremendous potential and am determined to propel its growth. Over the last few months, a strategic direction was defined and important structural changes were initiated. I will carry on this work with the management team. This will allow us to focus our efforts on creating satisfaction and value for our current and future clients, while accelerating innovation as well as product and service development for all our markets.” - Michel Desgagné, President and CEO.

Michel Desgagné will also be joined at Logibec by Stéphane Couture who will take on the new role of Chief, Business Strategy and Corporate Development. With over 20 years of experience in different management roles in the healthcare IT sector within organizations such as Intelerad Medical Systems, TELUS Health, and MediSolution, Stéphane Couture will be a major asset for Logibec. He will lead the development and implementation of our growth plan, including the mergers and acquisitions strategy.

About Logibec

Headquartered in Montreal for 40 years, Logibec develops technological solutions for the healthcare industry. The company specializes in human capital performance and analytics solutions, including payroll management, but also clinical, financial, and material management solutions. Logibec maintains five offices across Canada.