LGI Expands its International Reach, Enhancing Access to Emergency Care in France

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Montreal, Canada, January 10, 2024 – LGI Healthcare Solutions, a Canadian leader in healthcare IT, is proud to announce the expansion of its emergency redirection solution across three additional healthcare facilities in France, enhancing equitable and timely access to emergency care. This strategic project is a testament to the undeniable success and the positive impact the solution has had on emergency healthcare management in France since 2020. It also further solidifies LGI's commitment to international growth and highlights the company's unique position in delivering sustainable, scalable and measurable innovation for healthcare organizations.

Pioneering Solution for Emergency Healthcare Challenges

LGI's field-proven, cloud-based redirection solution helps alleviate emergency department overcrowding by accelerating triage processes to identify patients better served in partner health clinics. The solution has successfully redirected over 240,000 patients to date, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving clinical decision support and quality of care for patients.

Michel Desgagné, CEO of LGI Healthcare Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating: "LGI is proud to contribute to the enhancement of three new emergency rooms in France. This project reflects our commitment to creating sustainable, efficient and patient-centric solutions for healthcare organizations globally."

Proven Results

Studies on the use of LGI Emergency Redirection have shown a reduction in emergency room overcrowding, with 15% of ambulatory patients being referred to partner clinics. Furthermore, an impressive 99.6% of nurses reported feeling comfortable using the solution, and 95% of patients expressed a desire for the solution to be available in every other ER.

"The integration of LGI Emergency Redirection showcases our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that benefit both healthcare providers and patients", added Michel Desgagné, CEO of LGI Healthcare Solutions.

About LGI Healthcare Solutions

For over 40 years, LGI Healthcare Solutions has distinguished itself through a rich and diversified solutions portfolio. We help improve the performance of healthcare facilities and the experience of their staff and patients. We serve thousands of facilities across Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and France.