Over a Quarter Million Emergency Patients Successfully Redirected by LGI


Montreal, Canada, May 21, 2024 – LGI Healthcare Solutions (LGI), a leader in Canadian healthcare IT, is proud to announce that over 250,000 patients have been successfully redirected from emergency departments to more adapted care, greatly reducing waiting room congestion. Each redirected patient secured an appointment within 48 hours, thus aiding in the reduction of emergency wait times.

The LGI Emergency Redirection solution, now implemented in over 120 healthcare facilities across Europe and Canada, originated from a 2015 project initiated at Montreal’s Sacré-Cœur Hospital. By 2016, the model’s effectiveness and replicability led to wider adoption in other hospitals. The solution was then adopted in France in 2020, and in Switzerland in 2023, with the redirection count reaching 250,000 by 2024.

Francis Cuerrier, Senior director, Product management, attributes the model’s success to its straightforward deployment. "After establishing a partner network, we can roll out the solution in a matter of weeks, " he remarks. "Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 95% of patients advocating for its universal application in emergencies, and 99.6% of nurses are comfortable using it."

Michel Desgagné, President and Chief Executive Officer of LGI, celebrates this achievement. "Redirecting emergency traffic significantly advances our mission of improving healthcare performance," he states. "Each redirection optimizes resource use, cutting costs for the healthcare network and reducing urgent care wait times. We hope this model will be adopted more widely to decrease overall healthcare expenses and improve urgent care accessibility," he concludes.

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