Medical Education:
Enhancing the Learner Journey by Addressing 5 Challenges

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In the dynamic landscape of medical education, ensuring an optimal learning experience for aspiring physicians is crucial, as well as successfully implementing competency-based medical education (CBME) and competency by design (CBD). 

In this eBook, we explore 5 key challenges in medical education while outlining essential features that Faculties of Medicine should cultivate to create a positive learning environment. Join us on a journey to revolutionize medical education with LGI Education.

Challenges highlighted in this eBook

Building a Curriculum that Aligns with CBME

Coordinating Academic Schedules with Clinical Rotations

Streamlining Admissions, Enhancing Feedback, and Ensuring Data Accuracy for Learners


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Enhancing Faculties of Health Sciences with a Data-Driven Learner Journey

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2023 ICAM Conference: Competency-Based Education (McMaster University)

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CanMEDS and Competency-Based Medical Education: The Role of Technology