Logibec is now LGI Healthcare Solutions

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After building a rich and diversified portfolio of solutions for the healthcare IT industry in Canada over the past 40 years, Logibec is now expanding internationally, becoming LGI Healthcare Solutions.

This new brand recognizes our origins and mission while underlining our focus on improving performance in healthcare.

Looking towards the future

The decision to adopt a new brand identity stems from the evolution of our corporate vision and culture, which began with new management following Logibec’s acquisition by Novacap and Investissement Québec a few years ago. 

“The Logibec brand served us well for over four decades, during which time our company established itself as a key player in healthcare IT. This change supports our vision to become a global partner for excellence in healthcare,” said Michel Desgagné, President and CEO of LGI Healthcare Solutions.

Increased international presence

We recently completed the acquisition of Boston Software Systems, a U.S.-based global provider of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the healthcare industry.

Boston Software Systems has a strong international presence and is an important milestone in our diversification strategy. Their solution is relied on across hundreds of hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and healthcare systems, automating hundreds of thousands of workflows every day to address resource limitations and facilitating data access, translating into improved healthcare performance.


“This change supports our vision to become a global partner for excellence in healthcare”

Michel Desgagné, President and CEO, LGI Healthcare Solutions

A gradual transition

The LGI Healthcare Solutions brand will be progressively integrated into our products, daily operations, and documentation.  

“Some changes will be made in the coming weeks, and others will be made over the next few months. Our priority is to serve our clients,” said Simon L. Charest, Chief Product Officer, adding that “there are hundreds of occurrences of the Logibec brand in our products that will be replaced according to a careful plan that aligns with our product development roadmap.”

New brand, same passion

LGI Healthcare Solutions’ international expansion will benefit our existing customers and employees, notably with a broader portfolio of solutions. 

“This change is a pivotal moment in our company’s history. It will allow us to make a bigger difference in healthcare facilities, for their staff and patients,” said Michel Desgagné.