Term of Use — LGI Scheduling Mobile Application

1. LGI Healthcare Solutions Inc.

LGI Healthcare Solutions Inc. ("LGI Healthcare Solutions") has been a major player in information systems for the health services industry in Canada for over 35 years, specializing in the development of software solutions that allow healthcare establishments to optimize, plan, and coordinate their daily activities while favoring efficient management.

2. The application: LGI Scheduling Mobile

This application is the mobile application for LGI Scheduling software of LGI Healthcare Solutions (the "Application").

3. Use of the Application

Use of the Application is subject to the signature of a license agreement by a healthcare institution (the "Client") with LGI Healthcare Solutions (the "License Agreement"). The terms and conditions applicable to the use of the Application by the Client's employees (the "Users") are those set forth in the License Agreement.

Confirmation of the Users

Persons accessing and using the Application hereby confirm that they are Users authorized by the Client, that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, and that they agree to access and use the Application only for the permitted purposes and in accordance with the License Agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights

It is hereby reminded that LGI Healthcare Solutions is the owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the Application.

The User agrees not to copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, decompile, or disassemble any element of the Application and any related documentation, not to modify them or combine them in whole or in part with another program, not to attempt to discover the source code, and not to design or permit the design of a derivative product. Furthermore, the User agrees to respect all LGI Healthcare Solutions' intellectual property rights in connection with the foregoing and not to remove or alter any notices regarding such intellectual property rights.

4. Personal Information

Personal information relating to Users is collected and processed by the Client. To learn more about how the Client processes such information and how Users may exercise their rights, Users should directly contact the Client.

LGI Healthcare Solutions may also process personal information relating to Users of the Application to provide its services and for support and maintenance purposes.

Only duly authorized LGI Healthcare Solutions employees who need access to Users' personal information for these purposes, as part of their duties, will have access to it. LGI Healthcare Solutions may also transmit personal information to its service providers for the purpose of providing its services. Personal information may be processed outside of the province of Quebec, in provinces or countries in which LGI Healthcare Solutions has facilities or employs third-party service providers.

To learn more about how LGI Healthcare Solutions processes their personal information and how to exercise their rights, the Users may consult LGI Healthcare Solutions' Privacy policy or communicate with LGI Healthcare Solutions' Chief Privacy Officer at the following address: privacy@lgisolutions.com.

[Last Update: September 2023]