Redirect Emergency Department Patients in 3 Easy Steps


When people need medical attention, they usually head straight to the hospital emergency department, which can quickly lead to overcrowding. However, LGI Healthcare Solutions has introduced a smart solution that is gaining traction.

LGI Emergency Redirection aids nurses in pinpointing non-urgent cases and guiding patients to appropriate care within 48 hours. This simple three-step process is already making a difference in over 120 healthcare facilities across Canada and Europe, helping emergency departments run more efficiently.

Step 1: Assess Patient Eligibility

The first step involves identifying patients who can receive treatment outside of the emergency department. LGI Emergency Redirection uses universal exclusion criteria to assess patient eligibility and employs a patient complaint approach instead of priority codes to more easily identify non-urgent cases.

15% of ambulatory patients are eligible for redirection.* 

Step 2: Schedule Appointments 

Once a patient has been identified as eligible for redirection, the system automatically generates appointment options that consider proximity, availability, and the type of care required. This crucial step ensures that patients are seen within less than 48 hours, a timeframe that ensures patient safety. The redirection options depend on partner clinics.

92% of eligible patients agree to be redirected.*

Step 3: Transmit Instructions

Effective communication and clear instructions are key when redirecting patients to partner care facilities. The system sends the patient all the information they need for their appointment, including a QR code with the clinic’s contact details and address. This reassures the patient they will be seen and increases the likelihood that they will go to their appointment.

94% of redirected patients show up for their appointments. * 


Origins of the LGI Emergency Redirection solution 

LGI Healthcare Solutions began working on the LGI Emergency Redirection solution in 2015 following a request from Hôpital de Sacré-Cœur-de-Montréal. Additional hospitals adopted the model in 2016, demonstrating its reproducibility and effectiveness. It was officially implemented in France in 2020 and in Switzerland in 2023. Since then, over 270,000 patients have been successfully redirected, significantly reducing overcrowding in emergency departments.  

Good for Emergency Departments and Patients 

Increasingly overcrowded emergency departments need a safe, secure way to redirect non-urgent patients. Watch this video for an overview of the LGI Emergency Redirection solution. Please contact us to learn more


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